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We are a group of women based in Perth, Scotland, who enjoy all sports and keeping active with a particular passion for walking football. Our aim is to attract more women of all ages and abilities from throughout Perthshire to join with us. It’s a great way to meet new people and fun way to get or stay fit.

During lockdown when we've not been able to play walking football, we have discovered shared interests in cycling, jogging, walking, golf and even baking! So if you are sports minded, looking to try new activities, meet new people, get or stay fit and you live in the Perthshire area then PLU (People Like Us) is the group for you! 

Womens Walking Football

You may have played before or a complete novice, we don’t care, we are an enthusiastic and welcoming group who want to encourage all to find the joy in playing this great team sport. Come along and join us for some fun, fitness and friendship.We play a slower, less physical version of the game, in our ladies only sessions, not quite walking football but close to it!

Although we are happy to welcome all ages and abilities it’s probably going to appeal to women who are not at their fittest and/or women over 40. Most of the women in our group are in their 50s and can relate to being the generation football missed. Unfortunately, growing up in the 70s (and before) girls were not allowed to play at school, it didn’t matter how good you were, in those days, football was for boys not girls. Now with the growth of walking football these women are getting the opportunity to fulfil their passion for playing the game. 

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