About us

We came together as a group of, let’s say, older girls (ladies) to play walking football, normally, with the men in mixed sessions. This gave us the opportunity to play the game we love but for years didn’t get the chance to play. Our group now ranges in age from 27 to 65 years old, most of our players are in their 50s but we want to encourage women of all ages and abilities to join us.

Our group of women are currently playing with Jeanfield Swifts Womens Walking Football at Bertha Park pitch on Wednesdays 7-8 pm. If you are interested in joining in, please contact  Jeanfield Swifts Community Club.

The sessions involve a warm-up, some coached ball control drills and a game to finish. There is also the option of palying mixed walking football in Perth with Saints in the Commuinty and Scone Thistle Walking Football. 

Although the emphasis on the women’s only sessions will be for fun and fitness, those who want to play competitively will have the opportunity to play in mixed and women’s only walking football tournament at home and abroad. 

What to wear?

Comfortably sportswear, depending on the weather conditions, leggings or shorts, sports/football top, fleece or light rain jacket. Footwear, we recommend football astroturf trainers, prices start at around £25. Normal trainers will do for your first session but if you are planning to continue then proper astroturf trainers would be advised. Shin pads are optional, not necessary, as it is meant to be a non contact sport but some individuals prefer to use them as it is hard to avoid any physical contact while challenging for the ball.

Other group activities

Fancy a bike ride, a walk, a run, a game of golf, a trip to the cinema, a meal out even sky diving... whatever sure you'll find someone in our group who is up for joining you. Women interested in joining Perth Ladies Uniited group should drop us an email.


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