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  • Age 47
  • Forward

I grew up in a street in the mid 70’s where all the children were boys and obviously they played football all the time. So I automatically joined in. That’s where my love of football began. In those days girls didn’t play football so I’d have to just watch in the playground and play at home-time and weekends with the boys.

It wasn’t until I was about 18 that I discovered there was a ladies 5 a side league that had started up in Perth and I went along and joined a team.  I played there for a good few years then joined St Johnstone ladies 11 aside football team. I played as striker there for a few seasons until I got married and had my son, family life inevitably took over and sadly no more playing football. 

As the years went by and my fitness got less and less I always wanted to play again but didn’t think the legs could take it anymore. Until last year on Facebook I discovered a ladies walking football team. I was excited to go along because as soon as I went it felt like I was back to my youth again. But because it’s at a slower pace it’s fantastic. It’s fitness, it’s fun and a great social outlet. And some of the faces from the 5 aside league were there too.  If you’ve ever played football in the past you’ll love this. Just give it a try once and you will be hooked!

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