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  • Age 59
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I definitely relate to the 'missed generation' thing, born in 1960 my childhood was spent in the era when girls were not allowed to play football at school, it didn't matter how good you were. So I was restricted to kickabouts with my Dad and friends. I also love watching football and supporting the best wee team in the world, St Johnstone.

In my 20s I would get to play the odd 5 a side game with the my husband and his mates but let's face it was never a level playing field. In my early 30s, along with a few liked minded women in Perth, formed the ladies indoor 5 a side league. Our team was the Perth Panthers and although it only lasted a couple of years it was great to play in.

Fast forward 20 odd years and the emergence of Walking Football which gave me the opportunity to play the game I had always had a passion for but never had the opportunity to fulfil any potential… I may have had! 4 years ago my friend, Fiona and I attended the first walking football session at McDiarmid Park, along with another 3 men and since then I've enjoyed every minute of it! As one of our ladies put it "it’s like being a kid again, kicking a ball about in the park" I’ve always played sport and kept myself reasonably fit but nothing compares to the enjoyment I get playing ladies or mixed walking football these days and being part of a team. Our games are played at a slower pace than normal football but still a great workout.

Aside from the fitness benefits which are massive, I have connected with so many new people and made some great friends who share the same passion for game. Even if you have not played before I would recommend you to give it a go... we a friendly bunch who will encourage you all the way!

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