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Joan's story

  • Age 52
  • Defender

Much as I loved growing up in the 70’s it wasn’t great if you wanted to play proper team football; non-existent. Spent many days playing football in the park with the lads. Not that many girls played but if you did, you learnt to hold your own. We didn’t get to play in teams at school – early lesson that sometimes life’s not fair. I played ladies 11-a-side and 5’s for a few years in my late 20’s and early 30’s then didn’t kick a ball for 20 years.

I’d broken my back in 2013 (L2 Compression fracture for the interested) in a horse-riding accident. I was very lucky not to sustain any spinal cord damage and was told by the consultant my best chance for a positive future was to avoid a big tummy and keep doing my physio. (I was also to avoid long distance running – wey hey!). I still do my physio every day and in the early days exercised in the pool, progressing to the gym (may get you fitter but it absolutely drains the life out of me). Then in 2018 I discovered walking football. Joy oh joy. Kicking a ball, mostly outside in the fresh air, feeling like a kid again. What's not to love. Not to mention the banter & camaraderie with a great bunch of likeminded folks.

As an aside, I am fitter, switch off from any stresses at every session and have lost weight without even trying to. Result! I am always grateful to be here and walking and want to play football for many years to come.

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