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Lesley's story

  • Age 52
  • Goalkeeper/defender

I have played sport since I can remember, and been a huge Southampton FC supporter all my life.  Unfortunately, like most women my age, football was not an option as I was growing up.  In my teens it was hockey all the way, with a bit of college cricket thrown in. 

Then I went away to the Army for a bit, with all the sport opportunities that entails.  Once I left the Army I moved from the south of England to the Scottish Borders.  Again hockey played a big part in my life, but then I discovered curling, golf and eventually ladies rugby too, but still no football. 

Two years ago I moved to Perthshire, too old for rugby and too slow for hockey I decided to see if there was any walking football locally.  Initially I found information about Scone Thistle Walking Football and then found out there was a ladies walking football session too.  So I plucked up the courage to go along, I was made to feel so welcome and loved being able to play a sport I have never had the opportunity to play competitively.  All the ladies are such a friendly bunch and walking football is a great way to aid fitness.  I now play in the mixed session at McDiarmid Park too and absolutely love it.  I think sometimes people have an “image” of what walking football is like, but it definitely isn’t a stroll in the park and it is great fun.  I’ve always felt the best way to meet people when you move to a new area is to join a sports team and it has proved right in this case.  So along with the family, curling and golf, walking football plays a very important part in my life.  I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot.

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